NEM Jewellery & Designs

Many of you don’t know but my sister is very passionate about creating beautiful pieces of jewellery using semi-precious gemstones and silver and she’s really good at it too! From this passion came the birth of her jewellery design business, NEM Jewellery & Designs.

Without further ado,  allow me to introduce you to an amazing artist (my sister) and her company NEM Jewellery & Designs.

ANGELA ~ Owner/Designer

Angela’s impecable sense of style, colour and natural creativity turns every piece she creates into wearable art. At the young age of 16, she befriended an artisan selling his intricate and unique  jewellery pieces on historical Queen Street West in Toronto. She became his apprentice learning the tricks of the trade and helping him to produce and sell his art to the many patrons on Queen Street West and he in turn inspired her to pursue jewellery design.  In 2003, Angela was ready for more and began researching various jewellery design techniques.  Using her new found knowledge, she began to create jewellery pieces using semi-precious gemstones and silver.  At first, Angela created jewellery for her own personal use but she couldn’t escape the many compliments she recieved from friends and strangers alike and decided to  open NEM Jewellery and Designs in 2004.  Angela’s designs appeal to a wide spectrum of women, from the trendsetter to the fashionable career woman.

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