Raduno delle Mongolfiere ~ Santo Stefano di Rogliano (CS)

Raduno delle Mongolfiere

mongolfiera (plural ~ mongofiere)  :  hot-air balloon

Last week the town of Santo Stefano di Rogliano successfully held its 1st Raduno delle Mongolfiere. This was the first festival of its kind for the region, which took place from April 23-26, 2009.  It featured beautiful and colourful hot-air balloons that took to the skies for a breathtaking birds eye view of Santo Stefano, and many other neighbouring towns and comunes of the Savuto region.  Parachutists also joined in on the fun, showcasing their talents to the many spectators who gathered from near and far for the event and helicopters gave tours of the region.  And, if you could tear yourself away from all of that, the event also included a mercato, street performers, and musical performances.

Pictures from Raduno della Mongolfiere in Santo Stefano di Rogliano:

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  2. Anait

    May 1, 2009 at 10:25 am

    That’s awesome!! When I lived in Oklahoma (NOT the highlight of my life, let me tell you), there used to be a huge hot air balloon fest every summer. One day, you’d look up and the sky would be covered in colors.

    Aww, that must have been so pretty to see!

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