Italian Fashion: Monella Vagabonda

Monella Vagabonda

Leave it to the Italians to somehow manage to make a cartoon frog fashionable. The Monella Vagabonda brand found its debut into the market in 2003 by Gino Gorgoglione. Gino, an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the clothing industry, saw a gap in the fashion market and begun to develop the Monella Vagabonda line that would offer the best quality standard to its customers at a reasonable price.

The result has been quite the success for this fashion label with its headquarters in Barletta (BA) and official showroom in Milano. The Monella Vagabonda line has expanded to include everything from men and women’s fashion, shoes, school supplies, linens, and accessories.

The Monella Vagabonda is broken down into different branches (sub-labels), each focusing on a different aspect of the brand.

Monella Vagabonda VIP
Monella Vagabonda Snob
Monella Vagabonda and Friends
Monello Vagabondo

The fashion label has also ventured into acquiring co-branding rights to incorporate some worldly popular cartoon characters into their playful designs. Some of these characters include Smurfs (I Puffi), Casper, and Popeye.

With the aid of Italian celebrities such as Anna Tatangelo modelling and endorsing the line, the fashion label has seen continual growth since its beginnings. Currently, the line can be found in many stores and mercati throughout Italy.

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