Agosto 2009 ~ Carpanzano, Cosenza, Calabria

It is so hard to believe that a year has passed.  Last year, around this time, I was getting my bags packed and ready for my month long trip to Calabria.  It feels like it was just yesterday that I was walking through the streets of Carpanzano.  You can probably imagine how difficult it is to know that I won’t be in Carpanzano this August.  I had hoped so very much that I would be back that way by now, but alas, it isn’t time for that yet.  As my friends and family in Italy slowly start to head south to Carpanzano for August I am left sitting here with only my memories.  I know there will be many more summers in Carpanzano to look forward to, but it’s hard when you just miss it so much.

Carpanzano ~ Ferragosto 2008

I received the itinerary in my email of festivities planned for August in my beloved home away from home.  It was nice to see that some of the festivities are similar to last summer.

Here is a rundown of a few things happening in Carpanzano this month:

Martedì 11 Agosto
Festa del quartiere Mezzanile

Mercoledì 12 Agosto
Notte bianca con rappresentazione teatrale ( si riproporrà la commedia in tre atti “L’oru luccica, ‘a furberia no”), piano bar, giochi popolari, ecc.

Giovedì  13 Agosto
Presentazione del libro di poesie di Fulvia Fabiano

Venerdì  14 Agosto
Festa organizzata dal Comitato per la porchetta

Sabato 15 Agosto
Super tombolata di Ferragosto .

Domenica 16 Agosto
Festa del quartiere Case Popolari

Lunedì 17 Agosto
Gara del dolce.

Martedì 18 Agosto
Caccia al tesoro per le vie del paese.

Mercoledì 19 Agosto
Pasta e fagioli con melonata, organizzata dal Comitato per la porchetta.

Domenica 30 Agosto
Festa del quartiere Sottani

Buone Ferie a tutti!! 🙂

  1. Jen aka la vita nuova

    August 24, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    hi! stumbled along your blog from romephotoblog. My boyfriend is from Calabria so this title caught my attention. I look forward to digging in and reading more about your adventures. I like the language sections!

    Hey! Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. I added your blog to my RSS feed and look forward to keeping up with you also. Are you traveling Italy right now?

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