Piazza XV Marzo ~ Cosenza, Calabria

So, you are visiting the beautiful city of Cosenza and you’ve already taken a stroll down the Corso Telesio and visited the Duomo.

Where should you go next?

Well, why not head on over to the Piazza XV Marzo and get a further glimpse into the rich history and culture found in the old city of Cosenza.  The Piazza XV Marzo is an elegant square found in the centro storico (old city) of Cosenza and is home to many historical buildings and monuments.

Piazza XV Marzo
Piazza XV Marzo ~Teatro Rendano, Statue of Bernandino Telesio, Accademia Cosentina

One of these historical buildings is the Accademia Cosentina (Cosentian Academy), one of the first academies to be founded in Europe in 1511, which also houses the Biblioteca Civica (Civic Library) and Museo Civico (Civic Museum).

In the center of the Piazza stands a statue of Italian Philosopher and Natural Scientist, Bernardino Telesio.

Teatro Rendano ~ Photo Credit:  scribaccione

You will also find the Teatro Rendano, which was built in 1887, and made to resemble the world renowned theatre in Milano, La Scala.

La Scala, Milano ~ Photo Credit:  simOOn

The Teatro Rendano suffered considerable damage during World War II and was eventually rebuilt in 1960.  The theatre is dedicated to Alfonso Rendano, Italian pianist and composer, famous for inventing the “third pedal” on the piano.  Alfonso Rendano, was born in Cosenza in 1853 and was admitted into the Naples Conservatory when he was only 10 years old.  He spent much of his life performing, teaching, and composing in Napoli and then in Rome.  He also composed the opera “Consuelo” which was staged in both Turin and Germany.  He died in Rome in 1931.

After you have finished exploring the Piazza XV Marzo, you can take a walk through the public gardens of Villa Vecchia.  The entrance is located south of the Piazza. The Villa Vecchia is a beautiful place, full of shady areas to sit, fountains, statues, and even a gazebo.  What a perfect way to finish off a day of sightseeing.

Check out this 360 virtual look at the Piazza XV Marzo

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