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pro loco carpanzano

In Italy, many towns have a Pro Loco. It is a term and concept I became familiar with a couple years ago during my trip to Carpanzano.  A Pro Loco is a volunteer organization comprised of a group of residents within a town.  Its manifest is to promote and raise awareness of the town as well as encourage community participation and interaction.  Members of the Pro Loco take it upon themselves to organize, advertise and run various sagre (festivals) and other community-based activities.  In Carpanzano, one of the busiest times of the year for the Pro Loco would have to be August (and of course the months leading up to it).  Carpanzano is a small town but in August family members living all over Italy and abroad start to pour in and the streets come alive with people.  The Pro Loco Carpanzano works hard to create an itinerary full of activities and events that cater to all the residents and visitors here.  Many events have become tradition and staples each year however, every so often new things are introduced.

This year, the Pro Loco Carpanzano has once again put together a series of events for all those that will be visiting this August.

Estate 2010 a Carpanzano

Venerdi 6 agosto ~ Serata di benvenuto
Sabato 7 agosto ~ Motoraduno con piano bar
Domenica 8 agosto ~ Ricordo erezione Santuario e Visita guidata nella missione di don Battista in Kenya
Mercoledi 11 agosto ~ Gara del dolce
Giovedi 12 agosto ~ Notte Bianca:  rappresentazione teatrle, musica, giochi popolari
Venerdi 13 agosto ~ Memorial calcistico
Sabato 14 agosto ~ Sagra della porchetta
Domenica 15 agosto ~ Tombolata
Lunedi 16 agosto ~ Festa dell’amicizia, giochi popolari, serata gastronomica, il concerto di Sabatum Quartet
Martedi 17 agosto ~ Raduno “500” piano bar
Mercoledi 18 agosto ~ Caccia al tesoro
Venerdi 20 agosto ~ Festa del Quartiere Mezzanile
Domenica 29 agosto ~ Festa del Quartiere Sottani

There are also events being put on by the various other Pro Loco associations in neighbouring towns, such as:

Da mercoledì 4 a sabato 7 agosto, a Bianchi, Palio dei rioni.
Domenica 8 agosto, a Colosimi, manifestazione ippica nazionale e concerto serale.
Mercoledì 11 agosto, a Colosimi, notte bianca.
Venerdì 13 agosto, a Bianchi, notte bianca.
Mercoledì 18 agosto, a Colosimi, Sagra del fungo porcino

I’m looking forward to enjoying many of this year’s events.  Stay tuned for pictures, etc in the coming weeks!

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