Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is La Festa della Mamma or Mother’s Day!


My mother has always been been there for me, telling me to do whatever it is that makes me happy.  Whenever I’m faced with a difficult decision,  she always knows what to say to dig deep and bring out what it is that may be worrying or hindering my judgement and then helping to overcome or resolve it.  I’ve always jokingly said she’s my devil’s advocate because she knows exactly what to say or ask to help me make sense out of my sometimes cluttered or worrisome thoughts.

There are so many moments when my mother has been a true inspiration to me.  I think back to almost five years ago; I was in my father’s childhood home with a million and one “what ifs” in my head trying to decide if I should accept a job offer in Italy or head back to the comfort of my own home.  I felt so scared and so worried I would make the wrong choice and my mom knew I was struggling.  She said something that stuck with me.  She said, “you can always come home“.  Those five words essentially changed the course of my adult life.  She may not be aware of exactly how much of an impact those simple words had on me.  My life is far from perfect and I still make choices that may or may not be the best but I’ve grown so much and I’m a stronger person because of it, because of her.

Mommy, Happy Mother’s Day, I love you so very much! I’m so appreciated and grateful for everything you have done and continue to do for me. I may not always tell you or show you just how much of an inspiration you are to me but you are my superwoman!

A very special Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!


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