Finding Love in Cosenza

Today is San Valentino, the day for lovers!

And, although I don’t have a Valentine myself, I love the idea of love!

One of my favourite statues on Corso Mazzini has always been Hector and Andromache by Giorgio De Chirico. I’ve posted a picture of it often on my blog, because I just adore it!

The couple from Homer’s The Iliad, although doomed to tragedy, share a strong love – and I think it’s captured so beautifully in this heartbreaking depiction of their farewell.

Then, over the Christmas holidays, this delightful and sweet light display landed on Corso Mazzini, near Piazza Bilotti.

As the Christmas lights came down, and the decorations got packed away, this whimsical display remained.

Fast forward to this weekend, when these adorable hearts appeared raining down on the pedestrian area below.

san valentino cosenza

san valentinocosenza 02

Cute , right?

For all those lucky to have found love, I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day! I’m sending love out to all my readers near and far, may you feel loved today and every day!

Buon San Valentino!


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