My Top 5: Italian Male Actors

1. Riccardo Scarmacio
Italian Male Actors
The 28 year old Pugliese actor captured the hearts of many women as “Step” in Tre Metri Sopra Il Cielo (2004) and Ho Voglia Di Te (2007). However, there is more to this actor than the chick flick movie characters he’s played in the past. His diversity as an actor can be seen in the 2007 release of Mio Fratello è Figlio Unico which has received many nominations, awards and rave reviews from Italy, Europe and abroad.

Other movies to watch him in: Prova a Volare (2007), L’Uomo Perfetto (2005), Colpo D’Occhio (2008 )

2. Raoul Bova

It didn’t take long for Raoul Bova to reach “sex symbol” status in Italy but it wasn’t until he starred in Under The Tuscan Sun (2003) as Diane Lane’s love interest that women in North America began to take notice. Who can forget the hunky Bova strutting around the city in his broken-in jeans and stress free cargos from the Gap. What’s not to love? Raoul Bova isn’t just a pretty face, he has also done some producing.

Other movies to watch him in: La Finestra di Fronte (2003), Scusa ma ti chiamo amore (2008 )

3. Silvio Muccino

He may have gotten his start with the help of his brother, director Gabriele Muccino but he continues to rise to fame on his own merit. His resume reads of someone much older, with acting, writing and directing already under his belt at just 26 years old.

Movies to watch him in: Ricordati di Me (2003), Che ne sarà di noi (2004), Manuale d’amore (2005) and Parlami d’amore (2008).

4. Filippo Nigro

He got his start in television but it wasn’t long before he recieved recognition as a movie actor when he starred in La Finestra di Fronte (2003). He returned to the small screen as Fabio Martinelli in “R.I.S. – Delitti Imperfetti” for a number of years before gracing the big screen again as Marcantonio in Ho Volgia Di Te (2007). Keep your eyes on this emerging star in the years to come.

5. Stefano Accorsi

Born in Bologna, Stefano Accorsi spent many years acting in theatre before he made his move to the big screen. He played the lead character in the movie L’Ultimo Bacio (2001) which was later remade into the English movie “The Last Kiss” starring Zach Braff. He has gone on to star in numerous movies since and continues to earn the title of one of European films’ Shooting Stars.

Other movies to watch him in: “Romanza Criminale” (2005)


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  3. Mel

    August 6, 2008 at 11:07 am

    Silvio Muccino’s a cutie … kind of like an Italian James McAvoy! And I love Stefano Accorsi. I suddenly have the urge to watch L’ultimo Bacio (a far superior film to the US remake).

    He does kind of resemble James McAvoy!! I have to agree with you that L’Ultimo Bacio was much better than the American remake.

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