Pesce d’Aprile

I always thought that April Fool’s was a North American thing, but it isn’t.  April Fool’s is also recognized in Italy only there it’s called “Il Pesce d’Aprile” or April’s Fish and is very much like it’s North American counterpart – a day of practical jokes and pranks.

The traditional “Pesce d’Aprile” (April Fool’s trick) is funny and cute. A child secretly attaches a paper cutout of a pesciolino (small fish) to the back of his/her friends back (kind of like kick me signs) and then jokingly ask the unsuspecting target “L’hai visto?” (Have you seen?) and the natural response would be “Chi?” (who?). “Il pesce d’Aprile!” (the April Fool!) of course.

If you feel the inner child in you wanting to play a joke…you can go the traditional route with this graphic below.  It’s really easy, as the graphic says “Stampa, Taglia e Appiccica” (Print, Cut, and Stick).

Pesce d'Aprile

Or….if you aren’t one to play a prank there is always chocolate…yes chocolate! In Italy it isn’t uncommon to purchase small chocolates shaped as fish to celebrate. And any excuse for chocolate is a good thing in my books!

Hope everyone has a great embarrassment-free day!!

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