Italian Fashion: Pinko


On a few occasions, when I was out and about in different parts of Calabria I saw this bag.

At first glance I thought it said “Pink Bag” which I thought was strange to have written on a bag that wasn’t in actuality pink.  Although, upon further inspection I realized that my eyes were playing tricks on me and the lettering on the bag actually said “Pinko Bag“.  It wasn’t until I came home from Italy that I looked into what Pinko was.

Pinko was founded by Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini.  The label began with a concept they termed “instant fashion” that catered to the younger market which was constantly evolving and forming new trends on a very regular basis.  Pinko features woman’s clothing, handbags, and accessories and has had advertising campaigns featuring Mariah Carey (2007) and Naomi Campbell (2008).   The fashion label is supposed to feature top designer looks with “reasonable” pricing.  However, personally, I don’t really think the pricing is very affordable.  A simple summer dress in Italy will easily set you back between 120 – 150 euros.
If this falls into your affordability range, then you can shop online or pop into one of their stores.  They have a number of stores in Italy as well as locations in France, Greece, Armenia, United Kingdom, etc.

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