To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.

It’s been three years since you were taken from me.  My life was forever changed the moment you left me alone in this world.  I know if you really had a choice in the matter you would never have left and I know that if you could you’d be with me today.  Even though the days pass and the years continue to unfold, the fact that you are no longer here is still something I can’t comprehend or accept.  A piece of me left with you and that emptiness can never be replaced, it belongs only to you.  I miss you more than any words could ever say.  And, as I embark on this new journey in my life, I feel your presence guiding me but I wish so very much I could talk with you about all these new experiences and hear you tell me your thoughts and give me your words of advice.    This world is a strange place without you and even though I know that you are always with me, I feel the void that was once filled by you.

You will always be my world, my protector, my strength, my hero and my heart.  I love you, daddy! Always and forever!  May you continue to rest in peace and may you fill us with your love and devotion just as you did on earth.

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