Invasioni Digitali: Cosenza Millenaria with Scopri la Calabria

It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon but that didn’t stop people from coming out to check out the “Invasioni Digitali: Cosenza Millenaria” organized by Scopri la Calabria.

Invasioni Digitali or Digital Invasions is a project that was created to promote culture through the eyes of those participating in the events.  The “invaders” photograph, share and document their thoughts and experiences using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.

One of my English students told me about the “invasione digitale” in the historic centre of Cosenza and  I was instantly intrigued and asked her for more information.  I love the historic centre of Cosenza and to have the oppourtunity to see and learn more about it was something I couldn’t pass up.  I met up with my English student and her friends along with other bloggers, photographers, social media and travel/tourism consultants and culture lovers.

We met up at Piazza dei Valdesi in the historical centre equipped with cameras, phones and tablets.  We were given a leaflet that gave us information about the tour, the places we would be visiting and most importantly the #hastags to use as we posted to our social networks.

invasioni digitali 2014

Here are some images from the tour:

Piazzetta Piccola

The sign in the window says “I didn’t believe in love but then you smiled at me. I love you.”

Piazzetta Toscano
I’ve been to the old part of Cosenza many times but this was the first time I’d been to this small piazzetta tucked away behind the Duomo.  Here you will find an archeological area with ancient ruins that have been excavated.

Vicoletti in Old Cosenza
Like many old cities, Cosenza is full of small alleyways and streets that wind around and take you to beautiful ancient homes that once belonged to nobels and other wealthy people.

Church and Convent of S. Maria delle Vergini
The great thing about this tour was that I was able to see parts of the old city centre that I didn’t even knew existed.  It was even more amazing when the sisters opened the doors to the church to give us the oppourtunity to go inside this church and convent.

We ended our “invasion” in front of the Rendano Theatre in Piazza XV Marzo.  It was a great experience.  I’d like to thank Scopri la Calabria for their wonderful job at organizing this wonderful event.

You can see all my photos on the Calabrisella Mia Facebook Page

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