The Invaders are back: Invasioni Digitali 2017

The Invasioni Digitali or Digital Invasions initiative was created to promote culture through the eyes of its participants.  As “invaders”, you are asked to photograph and share your experiences through social media. And, what I love most about this project, aside from visiting cultural heritage sites along with others, is all the interesting perspectives you get from any given place.

I’ve been fortunate enough to take part in this great event in years past. You can check out the first one here and the second one here.

This year, Invaders will invade towns, cities, and other cultural sites between April 21st and May 7th. Using the official hashtag – #InvasioniDigitali – you will be able to open your world to the plethora of places all over Italy that will be invaded during these two weeks.

As the success of this initiative continues to gain momentum, we are seeing more and more cultural and tourism associations participating.

Here is a look at the events and hashtags of the Invasioni Digitali happening in Calabria at the time of posting.  More and more events are being added as the official start draws near.

April 23, 2017

Belvedere di Spinello: Invasione Parco del Santuario Madonna della Scala

This park offers incredible panoramic views  gazing out over the valley and the Vitravo and Neto rivers below. On the lower cliffs you’ll find the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Scala. The sanctuary, dating mack to the 18th century is said to be built where the Virgin Mary appeared to a shepherd from Santa Severina. Nearby, the remains of an ancient Hermitage dug into the rock can also be explored.  It was most likely used as a retreat for prayer and solitude.

Organizer: Associazione di volontariato Pro Santuario Madonna della Scala
Hashtag: #invasioneparco #invasionemadonnadellascala #invasionesantuario #invadiAMOilparco

April 29, 2017


Cosenza: Invadiamo la Biblioteca Nazionale e la Biblioteca Civica di Cosenza
10:00 am @the Duomo di Cosenza 

A real treat for historians and book-lovers as the invaders explore two very important cultural sites the National and Civic Libraries of Cosenza. This is an opportunity to admire volumes of priceless ancient books and archives. At the National Library, you can see the ruins that were discovered under the building during renovations and restoration work. Also, many artifacts dating back to before the Middle Ages were also found and are on display here. Invaders will get to dive further into the long history stored in these places with a guided tour.

Organzier: “Interazioni Creative” Association
Hashtag:  #InvadiCosenza



Parenti: Invasione Digitale di Parenti
15:00@ Palazzo Comunale, Via Silana 13

Parenti is a small village located in the foothills of Sila. Invaders will learn about the rich history of this village while exploring the intertwining narrow streets of the historic centre which lead to many important historical buildings. On of these is the estate of Baron Luigi Ricciulli, whose residence was built on the highest part of the town in order to watch over the whole valley below. Invaders will also explore the Church of Madonna del Carmine and San Pasquale Chapel.

Organizers: ScopriLaCalabria
Hashtag: #InvadiAmoParenti #ScopriLaCalabria

May 6, 2017


Belmonte Calabro: Centro Storico Belmonte Calabro
9:30am – Via Michele Bianchi

The village of Belmonte Calabro is situated on a hill top on the Tyrrhenian coast. This small hamlet was founded in the later part of the 1200s with the construction of a fortified castle under the reigns of King Charles I of Naples. Contorl of the territory passed through many hands. Today, as you walk the historic centre of the town you are greeted with gorgeous panoramic views and the images of the simple hardworking modest life of the older generations.  Look for flowered terraces and antique entranceways made of “tufo” rock, often used by noble families.

Organizers: Belmonte in Rete 
Hashtag: #InvasionidigitaliBelmonteCalabro

Zungri: La Città di Pietra
10:00am – Via Indipendenza

Invaders will embark on the the town of Zungri, whose origins date back to prehistoric times. Invaders will explore the Rock Settlement of Sbariati – believed to have been created from the settlements there during the 12th and 14th century.  Unlike other cave dwellings of the area that were used for religious purposes, these caverns were used for everything from living spaces to stables to storages space for materials.

Organizers: Cosi Mali 
Hashtag: #InvadiAmoZungri

Cosenza:  Alla scoperta del centro storico di Cosenza
15:30 – Piazza dei Bruzi

Invaders will take to Cosenza a second time, this time invading its beautiful historic centre. Making their way along the main street of the old town, will be accompanied by a guide as they are shown the important buildings, squares and events that make up the history here. Invaders will also visit the Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Cathedral, and Piazza XIV Marzo.

Organizers: ACLI COSENZA
Hastag: #invadicosenza

May 7, 2017

Zagarise: Invasione del Borgo di Zagarise
9:30 am – Piazza del Popolo

The town of Zagarise, located in the province of Catanzaro, dates back to the Middle Ages.  Its historic center preserves the exemplary history of art, traditions and landscape that make up this town. Invaders will climb the staircase leading to the Cathedral of Zagarise, before continuing their visit to the Museum of Sacred Art. A visit to an old mill (now a Museum dedicated to olive oil and agriculture) will be followed by an olive oil tasting where invaders will sample this precious “yellow gold” on slices of bread, both of which are local products of Zagarise.  After, the invaders will head towards the Norman Tower and the Church of Rosario, after a brief stop in Piazza San Nicola. Invaders can expect to be entertained by theatrical story-tellers and a well-informed guide.

Organizers: Archeoclub Valle del Simeri
Hashtag: #IDzagarise

For all the latest information on any of these events or others happening across Italy, visit the official Invasioni Digitali site.


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    Have never heard of this and love the concept!
    Great post and thank you for the great information. 🙂

    1. LuLu

      April 28, 2017 at 9:08 am

      I absolutely love the idea of Invasioni Digitali and it’s great to see it growing every year! I’m glad you found my post helpful! 🙂 A presto!

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